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Re: more on king picking

Poster: HsDarkRose <HsDarkRose@aol.com>

My Lord,

I really feel that I must address your comments on this issue.  In the First
place, Corpora states that all entrants to the list MUST be prepared to assume
the duties and responsibilities associated with winning the list.  I find it
hard to believe that an entire unit of fighters consisting of anyone
authorized to fight, coiuld be said to fulfill that requirement.  Generally
for a fighter to win a Crown, he has to put thought, time and energy into
preparing himself.  If all he has to do is get enough other fighters to go
with him to win the day, then that factor would be removed.  You will now turn
this into a mercenary state.  Whoever can hire the best fighters will win.
That certainly sounds like s MARVELLOUS solution doesn't it!!  I think, in
view of the fact that you stated the last Crown was your first, that it would
be a good idea for you to get more experience and do more research regarding
Crown and fighters go through to prepare for it, as well as what they go
through once they win, before you make statements like this.

HRH Seonaid
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