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New Atlantian

Poster: scahound@juno.com (Howard E Sutter III)

Greetings.  My lady and I wish to announce the arrival of the newest
Atlantian fighter in  Training.  Weighing in at a Whooping 9lbs 6oz, and
stretching over 21inches long, he is known mundanely as Howard E. Sutter
IV(Dale for short).  Mother, Kari Kyst, also know as "That Lady with the
Greyhounds" is doing fine and is recovering swiftly.  Father, Sinclair
Hawkins, is beaming with pride at being the father of a future King of
Atlantia( a guy can dream can't he?).  Dale is doing fine and says he
looks forward to working on a persona in the "near" future.  Any
questions or comments can be sent to us here at home at	
"SCAHound@Juno.com"	so as to not clutter up the Merry Rose
discussions.  We look forward to getting back to an event when things
return to somewhere near normal and the baby lets us get enough

In Service to Atlantia,
	Sinclair Hawkins and Kari Kyst

Let loose the Hounds...............................

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