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Re: New Atlantian

Poster: Beiskaldi <Beiskaldi@aol.com>

Yay!!  Glad to see the Atlanian Breeding Program in action.

>  Poster: scahound@juno.com (Howard E Sutter III)
>  Greetings.  My lady and I wish to announce the arrival of the newest
>  Atlantian fighter in  Training.  Weighing in at a Whooping 9lbs 6oz, and
>  stretching over 21inches long, he is known mundanely as Howard E. Sutter
>  IV(Dale for short).  Mother, Kari Kyst, also know as "That Lady with the
>  Greyhounds" is doing fine and is recovering swiftly.  Father, Sinclair
>  Hawkins, is beaming with pride at being the father of a future King of
>  Atlantia( a guy can dream can't he?).  Dale is doing fine and says he
>  looks forward to working on a persona in the "near" future.  Any
>  questions or comments can be sent to us here at home at	
>  "SCAHound@Juno.com"	so as to not clutter up the Merry Rose
>  discussions.  We look forward to getting back to an event when things
>  return to somewhere near normal and the baby lets us get enough
>  sleep!!!!!!  
>  In Service to Atlantia,
>  	Sinclair Hawkins and Kari Kyst
>  Let loose the Hounds...............................
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