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Wooden wagons....and such

Poster: Megan Burnham <lmegan@bellsouth.net>

> Hi All...
> I've been involved in serveral different time periods and the best design
> I've seen is something called a "Mormen Cart"...Basically, it's a large,
> flat bottomed cart, with 2 wheels and a pair of shafts (like a
> wheelbarrow), and can be pushed by a person or pulled by a dog, or pony.
> It's simple to make, and wire spools can be used for wheels. You may want
> to put bike tires on it for easier rolling and durability. If you put
> simple hubs on it, the wheels can be removed, and put the sides on in
> stakes ( like the old Radio Flyer kid's wagon), they can be removed for
> flat transportation.
> I cann't do wood working either, but would love to share the plans and
> help make one for myself.  I'm in Sacred Stone, but can't drive far
> right now due to injury.  Please feel free to e-mail me privately for
> more directions, or if folks want them, I can post simple plans here!
> In Service to the Dream (and all in favor of getting cars OUT of sight)
> Lady Megan Buchanan
> Formerly of the East
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