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Re: Wooden wagons....and such

Poster: bellefleur@juno.com (Catherine W Raitt)


I would like to make two comments on the discussion of wagons and

First,  at some point we realized our sons' "red wagon"  would come in
handy at events  - especially camping events.  It may not look period,
but it sure is great not to have to carry all that "stuff"  from campsite
to tourney field or feast hall.  Some day, maybe we can make a proper
period wooden wagon - but until then, I'm afraid the "Radio Flyer" will
have to do!  

Second, on the subject of vehicles in campsites:   We were camping with
the Cub Scouts last fall and another family in our group had their truck
right next to our "kitchen".  I mentioned something about moving the
truck and was told that they always keep their truck at their campsite! 
This was really foreign to me, having done primarily SCA camping for the
last 20 years.

I agree that our vehicles should be out of sight (or is that "site"?),
and that loud, modern music is inappropriate coming from those vehicles. 

Now it's confession time.  I'm afraid we were one of the guilty parties
at Coronation.  We were not camping and left the van near the tourney
field during the afternoon.  Sorry.  : (

Catherine de Bellefleur

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