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Re: Wooden wagons....and such

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Catherine wrote:
>First,  at some point we realized our sons' "red wagon"  would come in
>handy at events  - especially camping events.  It may not look period,
>but it sure is great not to have to carry all that "stuff"  from campsite
>to tourney field or feast hall.  Some day, maybe we can make a proper
>period wooden wagon - but until then, I'm afraid the "Radio Flyer" will
>have to do!  

Let me say that I applaud any and all attempts to keep the intrusively
modern accoutrements out of sight. The Radio Flyer wagon is a grand idea
and I have seen several of these used at Pennsics past. I would however
like to make one comment about using these wagons. That is, plese, please,
please keep a can of 3-in-1 oil handy to oil the bearings on these wagons.
When not cared for they squeak unmercifully at a pitch that hurts the ears
(at least mine). It is akin to scraping one's fingers across a slate
blackboard. Keeping the bearing well oiled not only cuts this noise down,
it increases the life of the bearings and the wagon in general. Be kind to
your tools and your neighbors.

If folks are going to start making period wains, then you will have to get
grease for the axle shafts. Not so much for squeaking, but to make the axle
turn more smoothly. You can get such grease at automotive supply stores.
It's messy, but makes all the difference.

Now I'm just wondering if Earl Dafydd has done any research on hand pulled
wagons and wains. Sounds like an area that we need to look into and perhaps
an Oak (or even TI) article is in the offing. Hmmmmmm.

In service,

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