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Re: Parking and all that...

Poster: Jessica Rechtschaffer <jsrechts@email.unc.edu>

> Thanks for the literally 'constructive' idea, Lyanna!  I for one would
> love having a wooden wagon, and have no woodworking skills and very few
> tools.  A cooperative workshop, though, would help me, and perhaps others
> in the area aqcuire some items we can't build all by ourselves and can't
> afford to buy pre-made.
My apprentice brother Brooks who lives in Graham has a workshop.  I know
Magnus in Raleigh has a workshop.  I'm only geared for metalwork but
Valdemar has some woodworking tools.  On my end, I know absolutely NOTHING
about woodworking.  There are others that do, including Brigit (Marie),
Johan ColdIron in Raliegh (I think he has tools too) and there are
probably some others.

You may want to bring it up at a Buxton meeting.  I can also tell Valdemar
about the discussion as well.

> I agree with the Australian student's comment about cars everywhere
> ruining the atmosphere.  

Yeah, it's pretty awful.  Of course, you know how us UNC types are so
picky about parking.  

Lyanna who parks in NG-2

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