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Re: Their Majesties...

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

I was going to stay out of this, but am now forced to comment.  

M'lord Gorm,

You were at In the Trenches.  Did you feel Her Majesty performed her
duties there less efficiently because she was alone or was she as
gracious and generous as she would have been had His Majesty not been
working and unable to attend?  

She was also at Siege of Troy this weekend and once again, fulfilled all
the duties and requirements of the Crown.  To my knowledge, no one
present was overly disappointed to see only Her Majesty.  Rather, they
felt blessed by the Royal Presence (especially the guy who got a Grant
of Arms after umpteen years in the SCA in several different kingdoms
where he was overlooked), since neither is *required* to attend any
event other than their Coronation and Crown Tourney and the coronation
of their successors. 

As you quote from Kingdom Law, let me quote to you from Corpora...

"VI.A.1.  The royal pair must attend their Coronation or Investiture. 
They must preside after it, at the next Royal Lists, at the Coronation
or Investiture of their successors, and at such other events as may be
dictated by the laws and customs of their realm for the duration of
their reign."

It does not state that they are both required to attend every single
event on the kingdom calendar.  NOR are they *required* to hold court at
every event they attend.  When I joined the SCA, the Royal Presence was
rare in my area and I attended quite a number of events before court
became an "nearly every event" experience.

So far, our Crowns are batting 1000.  Why are they being ill-judged when
so far, they've fulfilled all duties and responsibilities required? 
After 4 reigns for Her Majesty and 7(?) in *this* Kingdom for His
Majesty, I think they know what's required of them...

> Another gentle stated that it was period for only one monarch to be at a
> Court.  Umm, this is true, I presume, not being as studied in the area
> as the gentle who stated this.  However, the laws of Atlantia state
> quite clearly :

So, what does that say of the previous kings and queens who have chosen
to split and attend different events on the same weekend?  By your
analogy, Duke Logan should not have attended Golden Moon alone last
fall, nor Duke Cuan, Country Faire the spring before.   I have heralded
many, many times for a single Crown attending an event and this kingdom
has had many singleton Barons and Baroness, such as Baroness Rachel de
Johnstone of Sacred Stone.  She has no Baron to help her rule Sacred
Stone.  Is/was their service less worthy and the awards given less
special because they don't/didn't have a partner?  What of the Queen of
the Middle?  Her fiance, the Crown Prince, *died* in December!  And she
still goes on to fulfill her responsibilities even though NO ONE would
fault her for stepping down.

> Picture if you will receiving your Award of Arms.  This may be the only
> time you are ever called into Court.  It may well be the finest moment
> in your SCA experience.  You want that moment to be perfect.  Now,
> picture only one of the two royals being present.  Particularly if the
> one that inspires you more isn't the one there.  That could very well
> lessen what is your one moment "in the sun".

>From this I assume we should advise Their Majesties that you do not wish
any awards from them if they can't both be present?

It has been stated before, but I will state this again.  Their Majesties
do not monitor this list.  For them to have an opportunity to respond to
these accusations, the posts must be forwarded to them and should they
choose to respond, may not have the full context in order to adequately
do so.

> Just my $0.02 worth, from someone who has no awards, and no rank other
> than being a Deputy Coronet Herald.

And this annoys me most of all...  A herald is the official
representative or "Voice of the Crown".  In our official capacity, we
speak FOR the Crown and our words carry the weight of theirs.  If you
absolutely MUST publically air your views of how you believe the Crown
is doing this kingdom a dis-service and how they should choose to run
their lives, DO NOT attach that title to your name, or else, renounce
your office.

Now *I* am as mad as Lady Adrianna and must say goodnight before I say
more than I should...

Lady Rhiannon ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald

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