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Re: Their Majesties...

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

> Another gentle stated that it was period for only one monarch to be at a
> Court.  Umm, this is true, I presume, not being as studied in the area
> as the gentle who stated this.  However, the laws of Atlantia state
> quite clearly :
> No one shall compete in the Crown Lists or be the
>                prospective consort of a competitor in the Crown Lists
> who cannot
>                fulfill the duties of the Crown.   
> I see no evidence of their Majesties being unaware of this law.  And
> their letter does sound as if they are saying "Well, we can't do the job
> right, but deal with it people".  Particularly the sentence "It is
> something that will occur more and more frequently as time goes on, lets
> make it as gentle a transition as possible".

I will refrain from making too much comment, as I have not yet recieved my
Acorn and have not read the original letter, but a question arises in my
mind....  Since when has it been considered a "duty of the crown" to have
both monarchs available at every Royal Court?  I have been in the SCA very
actively for the past (thinking...  thinking... one, two, .....) at least
5 years, and I can recall on numerous occasions where the Queen and King
were at different events holding different courts, to cover more area, or
when one had to work, or when one had to be with family, etc.  I don't
ever recall this as being seen as wrong.  Has this changed, and I am just
completely in the dark?

> Picture if you will receiving your Award of Arms.  This may be the only
> time you are ever called into Court.  It may well be the finest moment
> in your SCA experience.  You want that moment to be perfect.  Now,
> picture only one of the two royals being present.  Particularly if the
> one that inspires you more isn't the one there.  That could very well
> lessen what is your one moment "in the sun".  

I can picture it very clearly.  I was there.  I recieved my AoA from the
gracious hands of Arielle the Golden, and the moment was not lessened
in the least by the fact that Logan was not at her side (no offence,
Logan).  I was so extatic that I had recieved this recognition that it
never occured to me to think, "Hey, Where's the King?  Shouldn't he be
here for this wonderful moment?"  I guess I just don't understand the big
to-do about only one monarch being present.  It has happened a lot in the
past and most people were happy to have whichever monarch came to a
particular event.

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