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Re: Their Majesties...

Poster: Logan & Arielle <sirlogan@mail.clt.bellsouth.net>

Ok let us look a little deeper into your posting

Gorm of Berra wrote:

> Another gentle stated that it was period for only one monarch to be at a
> Court.  Umm, this is true, I presume, not being as studied in the area
> as the gentle who stated this.  However, the laws of Atlantia state
> quite clearly :
> No one shall compete in the Crown Lists or be the
>                prospective consort of a competitor in the Crown Lists
> who cannot
>                fulfill the duties of the Crown.
> I see no evidence of their Majesties being unaware of this law.  And
> their letter does sound as if they are saying "Well, we can't do the job
> right, but deal with it people".  Particularly the sentence "It is
> something that will occur more and more frequently as time goes on, lets
> make it as gentle a transition as possible".

In what way do you feel that this law has been jeopardized by TRM's
situation?  How have They not fulfilled the duties of the Crown?  Do you
know what those duties are?

> It sounds to my untrained ears as if their Majesties are planning on
> doing this again.  I sincerely hope not, for the sake of the Game, for
> the sake of the Crown, and for the sake of their child (not necessarily
> in that order)

Why?  What makes you say "I sincerely hope not, for the sake of the Game,
etc., etc."?  What damage do you feel this has/could caused?  Don't just
makes statements without something concrete to support them.  What exactly
is your fear?

> However, I do believe that it is possible that Stephan has stated his
> case poorly.  Perhaps those were not the words he would have chosen upon
> further reflection.  Perhaps not, I am no mindreader.  However, it is
> the duty of every Atlantian to point out when the Crown is harming the
> game, and I do think this is the case here.

Tell me how  they have harmed the game Gorm.

> Picture if you will receiving your Award of Arms.  This may be the only
> time you are ever called into Court.  It may well be the finest moment
> in your SCA experience.  You want that moment to be perfect.  Now,
> picture only one of the two royals being present.  Particularly if the
> one that inspires you more isn't the one there.  That could very well
> lessen what is your one moment "in the sun".

This example just holds no water.  There were times during both of our two
reigns that Arielle and I would go to separate events.  We would hold our
own separate courts and give out awards.  I noone felt their "moment in the
sun" was somehow ruined because I gave them their AoA and Arielle wasn't
there, or vice versa.  In fact a lot of people were conversely very happy
that we, as Monarchs, were able to attend two events by splitting up.

> This is a hobby folks, if real life interferes with it, a responsible
> person would put the hobby aside to set life straight.  Their majesties
> are doing this, yes.  However, if the distraction of real life
> interfered with the hobby dramatically (as it does in this case), you
> should not be seeking the highest position the hobby has to offer.

There was indeed a situation at TRM's Coronation in which His Majesty had to
attend to some "real life" situations.  Her Majesty stepped up and held
Royal Court without His Majesty's presence. In my humble opinion, Her
Majesty has enough presence to hold court on her own and to do so
beautifully. Now you correct me if I'm wrong Gorm, but at Coronation I do
believe that a court was held, awards given as recognition of the hard work
of certain individuals, and people cheered and were happy, even though His
Majesty was dealing with those "real life" situations.  How in the world
does that dramatically interfere with the hobby Gorm?

Just my .02 cents worth

Duke Logan

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