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Re: Their Majesties...

Poster: Alan MacNeill <gormofberra@erols.com>

Logan & Arielle wrote:

> In what way do you feel that this law has been jeopardized by TRM's
> situation?  How have They not fulfilled the duties of the Crown?  Do you
> know what those duties are?

I daresay that the Crown carries several duties with it, among those are
many administrative details, such as determining who is worthy of
recognition, who should hold various offices of state, and other similar
things.  No one would deny that these take a great deal of time (at
least not anyone who thought about it).

Along with these purely administrative details come some Martial duties,
such as leading the Atlantian forces on the field of battle, determining
treaties of state, and the like.

Similarly, the Crown must encourage the Arts and Sciences

Virtually all of these are mirrors of actual period Royal duties, and
rightly so.  Further, I am not claiming that any of the Royalty of
Atlantia is failing in any of these respects.  Even if I thought that
they were failing, i have nowhere near the experience necessary to make
such a judgement.  As far as I can tell, things are going well in these
areas.  Awards are being presented, the Army of Atlantia is fearsome,
and the arts are being displayed well and frequently.

By the nature of our Dream, there is an additional duty of the Crown. 
They must "Be Royal".  This is not something that a true period King or
Queen had to do, as they were living it, not "acting" it.  If King Henry
didn't want to hold court that day, he didn't have to.  Back then, the
populace existed for the crown (or at least, so claimed some folks).

Now, in the SCA, the Crown exists for the populace.  When an event
occurs, some are there to fight, some are there to sew, or weave, or
sing, or dance, and some are there to experience the "drama" of being
near a medeival Court.  Many are there for all of these things at once.

No one is forced to fight for the Crown (even if you subscribe to the
theory that all of the Chivalry are required to fight for it unless they
are injured, one may withdraw), no one has it thrust upon their head by
birth.  Presumably, everyone who contends for the most theatrical of
positions within our Society wants the job.

I have only been in the Society less than a year.  I personally have no
desire to contend for the Crown, as I do not think I would be capable of
sustaining the drama for the 1000 Atlantians out there who come to Court
to have fun.  Even if I could kick anybody's butt on the List field
(which I cannot), I would still not enter, as I do not believe I can do
the job adequately.

I concur with those gentles that think that there are times when it is
necessary, even desireable, for only one Royal to be holding a Court. 
Upon some reflection, this is not as troublesome as I had first
thought.  However, I personally would hope that that sort of occasion is
the exception, rather than the rule.  

> Why?  What makes you say "I sincerely hope not, for the sake of the Game,
> etc., etc."?  What damage do you feel this has/could caused?  Don't just
> makes statements without something concrete to support them.  What exactly
> is your fear?

My fear, your Grace, is that we are falling into a situation where
people are contending for Crown not out of a desire to serve the
Populace, but out of a desire to have the nice pointy hat.  That people
are forgetting that this is supposed to be fun for everyone.  And that,
once lost, that cannot be regained.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding the tone of the letter from their
Majesties.  Certainly that could be the case, written communications are
difficult to read perfect meaning into.  Similarly, people could be
misunderstanding the tone of the letters being posted here.  The respect
people are demanding for the Monarchs should only rightly befall
everyone.  That is only right.

For the official record, I am *concerned* about the situation, and I
think that there is a danger that the majesty inherent in the ceremonies
(those that we have at least) could be lost.  I am also concerned about
the attitude that "This will happen more frequently in the future".  If
it is a bad thing, then we should be working to eliminate it, or at
least reduce it's impact.  No, I am not advocating that those with young
children (or any other factor) be not permitted to fight for the crown. 
I am, however, advocating that perhaps, just because you *can* fight for
crown, and perhaps win it, does not necessarily mean that you *should*
fight for it.  The job is difficult, and it is nearly a full time job on
it's own, with no compensation aside from the joy you feel from it.  If
real life will interfere with your ability to be, not just the King, but
"The King!!!", I personally would think twice.

However, that is just my personal opinion, it is not that of the
Atlantian College of Heralds, the College of Yarnvid, the Barony of Caer
Mear, heck, my dog probably disagrees with me.  If you feel the need to
flame me because of it, all that I ask is that you do so privately, I
don't think the Merry Rose needs it.  If you think that you need to take
action against Gorm of Berra based upon it, I must ask why...Gorm
couldn't have written it, computers are a solid 350 years past period,
and a good 1000 past Gorm's age.  

<in other words, this is grounds for an honest disagreement, if you
can't disassociate your feelings for the discussion from your feelings
for the people involved in it, then kindly direct your anger at the guy
in the blue jeans and wrist braces typing from work, not upon the
persona he adopts at events>

Alan MacNeill
**Not even speaking for his Persona, much less any offical office
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