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Re: Remarks about TRM etc.

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

Lyanna, you new mistress you!

I don't think that you could say that a majority of us reacted in a way
that said Steffan had no right to an opinion.  We did, however, react in
kind to the bellicose nature of his statement, which basically said:"If
you can't hack it, don't fight in crown."  This was the crap we all have
stepped in, and as we wipe it off our boots, we have this pleasant and
courteous conversation('cawz we all hate cleaning our boots).

AND, if Steffan and Bella are going to use "provacative" statements,
shouldn't they both be ready for the backlash, as Bella was? shouldn't
it then be expected since this is a 20th century medium? shouldn't
everyone else expect others to respond in kind to the provacateur?

Then why are folks getting caned for bitching down Steffan's throat? 
Why are folks bitching down the bitching throats that have just been
bitched down?:b  Your allegory works fine for 20th century sex scandals,
but doesn't really fit this situation.  You can't attack the royaly on a
list or at the campfire and not expect to pay a price for your
opinion.(If you don't pay a price for your opinion, even if it is well
founded it isn't worth much, right?)  Steffan's post was inappropriate,
period or not.  I was unfair in my response, and that's the last time
I'll admit it, but it does not change the disposition of Steffan's post.

Boy, Adrianna was really pissed.(watch out Steffan - Hell hath no fury
and all that)


Jessica Rechtschaffer wrote:
> Poster: Jessica Rechtschaffer <jsrechts@email.unc.edu>
> It seems to me that we are very quick to put down Stephan for his views.
> The merryrose and other electronic forums have been often described as a
> "campfire" in which we all yak our views on more or less everything.  Some
> of us happen to be more vocal than others in their viewpoints.
> We are quick to say that Stephan is being a traitor, unchivalrous,
> belligerant and disrespectful.  I think all these responses are fairly
> ridiculous.  Let's put it in a different light.
> We all know about the recent Clinton scandal re: Monica Lewinski, Linda
> Tripp, Catherine Wiley etc.  Some newspaper reporters and some members of
> Congress have either outright said or toyed around with the notion of
> calling for Clinton to resign.  Are those people out of line?  Are
> they traitors or disrespectful?  No, they are voicing their opinion.
> So lets get back to Stephan.  Stephan feels that TRM are not up to the
> job, just as a number of people feel that Clinton is not up
> to his job.  Is his statement that outrageous?  I don't think so.
> Stephan probably could have better backed up his reasons but he didn't.
> Now it's our job as chivalrous and well behaved behaviors that we like to
> be to ask, "Stephan, you obviously feel very strongly about this, can
> you elaborate on your statement, we would like to know why you feel this
> way."
> Saying, "Traitor, how DARE you say that sort of thing, I ought to take you
> out back and ..." is one aspect of the Middle Ages (and today's society)
> that we want to avoid.  This not what our game is founded on nor should it
> be.
> Another way of looking at it is that Stephan wanted to use a provocative
> statement to get a conversation about real life vs. SCA life going.  The
> late Bella Abzug did this very often though not in an SCA context of
> course.
> Lyanna
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