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Re: Their Majesties...

Poster: MHWag <MHWag@aol.com>

(Aileen McDonagh takes off her Baronial coronet and very carefully places it
on the table beside her, knowing that much of what she says will be applied to
her own balancing of Public and Private responsibilities).

There appear to be two intertwined issues here:
1) the duties of the Crown as perceived by the populace
2) the duties of parents as perceived by others

I admire those who are able to balance the great demands of a private life
complicated by young children, and the great demands of a public life such as
that elected by Their Majesties.  Those who are able to balance the two
successfully deserve respect and imitation.  

The duties of the Crown are listed in Corpora as formal (know & uphold the
laws of the realm and Society; attend their Coronation, Crown Tournament,
Coronation of their successors, and other events as dictated by law and
custom; give appropriate recognition; encourage hospitality and welcome to
newcomers; watch over & encourage the arts; defend the realm from all foes; be
the chief example of chivalry, courtesy, and virtue; encourage those virtues;
be true & faithful rulers) and administrative (act with & through the officers
of the realm; sign internal documents; supervise combat on the field of
honor).  There is no specific mention there or within Atlantian law of being
present for any specific functions other than their Crown lists.

However, most of the populace has some idea of what they expect from the
Crown, and most fundamental to that concept is Presence.  At the risk of
sounding very sexist, I would venture to say that everyone expects His Majesty
to participate in or observe each tournament He attends, and Her Majesty to
peruse the Arts & Sciences activities at the events She attends.  As Their
Majesties are blessed with a lovely child, I would also venture to say that
everyone expects Their Majesties to take an interest in the activities of the
young ones of Their Realm. Finally, everyone expects that at least one of
Their Majesties will hold Court for the conduct of business and the
recognition of worthy subjects.    
Their Majesties have chosen to balance their lives in a way that will conflict
with the perceptions of some of what Their roles should be.  This is one
reason why reigns are only six months long.  No Sovereign and Consort would be
able to satisfy everyone's expectations.   
Their Majesties have extended us the courtesy of explaining what they are
doing and why.  Now we should extend them the courtesy of understanding the
difficult balance they are maintaining.  

As to the responsibilities of parents toward their children, once again, most
fundamental to those responsibilities is that of Presence.  We MUST be there
for our children.  And this is not a time-limited responsibility.  

Finally, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is a set of
values.  By including our children in such things as the giving and receiving
of fealty, we incorporate those values in their lives.  I was touched and
charmed by Duke Michael & Duchess Seonaid's inclusion of Kaylun into their
swearing of fealty to at-that-time-TRM Thorbrandr & Eorann.  As a preacher's
kid, I learned at a young age to sit quietly and listen in Church; the same
should be true for our children, whether we sit facing or within the populace.

Thank you all for listening
And to the people of Windmasters, thank you for accepting my children
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