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Re: Their Majesties...


Ok as a Farther of two wonderful girls, and this will be my first time
fighting for coronet (being I live in Middle Kingdom, Principality of
Northshield) Both my wife and I have sat down and discussed what this will
mean if I do win.  We will be working hand in hand as Prince and Princess but
we will be going to different events on the same weekend.  Are lands here are
very vast.  Even more so then Atlantia.  Not only do we have to consider are
kids needs, (which will always come first) but traveling time as well.
(Depending on weather and how deep the snow is.)  From where I live in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Northshield goes all the up to Canada as well as out to
the Dakotas. With such a large area to cover, we have to split up just so we
see every part of the Principality.  Are kids are still young which means two
things, 1 they don't have social lives of there own yet. 2 still to young for
traveling great distance in only 3 day's.  Not sure you your know about kids
but they can get very cranky when they do not get enough sleep.  When that
time comes, my Lady and I will decide if I should continue to fight for crown.

I would also like to point out there is a lot more to being a royal then going
to events and being seen.  You mention that AOA.  Well in order for that award
to go out they have a ton of mail to read. I have heard mention of royeles
getting anywhere from 10 to 50 letters a day.  Each one must be read, filed,
researched and responded to.	 Just think about how many awards there are in
your kingdom, now divide that by the number of people.  Did I mention reports?
One from every group once a month, and then send out kingdom reports to CA.
Not to mention if anyone has a problem with something guess where that ends
up.  I f I had to make a pie chart of what I believe the portions would be, I
would guess only a small part of the job is done at an event.  I know I would
not be able to do it with out my Lady at my side here at home.

Was told once by my Prince, " The people who bow the deepest, are the ones who
have held this seat before me."

Lord Armond Le Charpentier
Squired to his Excellency
Count Sir Thorbrand Olafsson

I live in Midrealm but my heart is in Atlantia
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