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Questions for mulitiple crown winners

Poster: LWright740 <LWright740@aol.com>

I have heard past rumors about Michael and Seonaid (Michael mostly).  These
stories come up whenever he wins a crown and produce some political actions
and/or statements.  

I have been in the SCA for about 8 years and can remember them on the throne 3
or 4 times.  I never encountered any of the rude or unacceptable behavior I
had been told to expect.  I was welcomed into their camp on many occasions and
treated very well.  I'm sure with all the people that pass through drinking
the "tea" and eating the food I was just one more person in the crowd.

I do recall other Kings and Queens that have taken time for their children
while on the thrones.  There was not this kind of debate over those couples.
Of course they did not address it in a letter to the populace.  Personally I
am not affected one way or the other, but I do other things besides SCA.  I
wonder how much of the fire is from Michael's rap as "that bad boy they love
to hate".  What does interest me is what motivates the people that fight for
crown over and over.

Please no flames!

Feel free to answer these questions if you have won crown 3 or more times.  Oh
what the heck answer them if you feel you have the answers.  Please keep this
nice and friendly.

1.  Why fight for crown again after you are a Duke and your Lady a Duchess?

2.  What motivates a couple  to seek the crown repeatedly in spite of limited
time, money, or increased family demands?  (ex.  out of work, small childeren,
job conflicts, family crisis)

3.  How do household members of the Royals feel about "revolving reins"?  Does
it become easier or more fun each time.  Is it always a nightmare of schedules
and work?  Does it increase the cost of their participation?  Does it increase
or decrease enjoyment for the retainers?

4.  When we talk about allocating Kingdom funds to defray the cost of sitting
throne...should we limit these funds to the first two reins of that couple?

5.  How many relationships and/or marriages have split up because on or the
participant wants to sit the throne, while the other partner would rather be
boiled in oil?  I have seen fighters pushed to fight for crown to please their

6.  Have you ever fought for crown to make a second wife a Countess or
Duchess?  If not, would you do it if your Lady asked you to? (could apply to
women fighters as well)

7.  If you fight crown to change Kingdom Laws, do you get upset if the next
changes it back?  Would this motivate you to fight again and "correct" the

8.  Is winning crown a drug.  Can it be addictive for some people?  How do you
feel when you are no longer on the throne and the center of attention...is it
a let down?

9.  Do you ever get envious of other Kings and Queens that may get more
approval from the populace or do things you could not while on the throne.

10.  Do you get more esteem boosters from the SCA or from the mundane world?

Just throwing in something to make this a more productive subject.
Lora Leigh
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