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Re: Questions for mulitiple crown winners

Poster: Sherry Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

Lora Leigh writes:

>Feel free to answer these questions if you have won crown 3 or more times.
>what the heck answer them if you feel you have the answers.  Please keep this
>nice and friendly.
<snip a whole bunch of questions about why mulitiple crown winners might be
motivated to continue to seek the crown>

I'm answering this as a member of the general populace, as I've never been
or been close to a monarch, thought I've known a few.

One thing that popped into my mind almost immediately is a discussion that
went on on the Merry Rose a while - maybe a year? - ago about why
Atlantia's Crown Lists were so small.  I suspect there is a little pressure
on our Kingdom's fighters, particularly the belted ones, and particularly
those who have already held a reign or two & thus shown their ability to be
monarchs, to fight in Crown if at all possible.  Sure, you can step out if
you feel your life is too busy, but if the Kingdom really NEEDS you.....

(Similarly, I had just found a deputy to take my office as Seneschal and
suddenly realized, "Hey, now I can keep up the newsletter, since the
Chronicler moved away....and we need a webpage....and....")

I am sure there are others here who can comment on whether this is valid at
all, or just fuzzy thinking.  

And a question of my own regarding interKingdom anthropology - if this is
valid for Atlantia, is it also valid or as valid for larger Kingdoms with a
much larger belted population?  It didn't seem to be the case in the
Midrealm, but there were a lot of qualified individuals over a very
extensive territory to fight in Crown Lists.

Lady Kat

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