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Re: Their Majesties...

Poster: Lordgaelan <Lordgaelan@aol.com>

Gorm Wrote:

>>>>Our Majesties are, in my humble opinion, in over their heads if they are
attempting to be full time parents and full time monarchs, if only for 6
months.  The SCA is a GAME, a recreation, it should be no where near as
important to anyone as their real life concerns.<<<<

M'Lord, you have stated the whole juxtaposition of this matter.  Kaylin is a
real life concern, but should not have to be excluded from the experience of
growing up as part of the Society.  There are other matters that are affecting
TRMs that are Kaylin is having to deal with.  Currently, His Majesty is
working out of town and does not see Kaylin on a daily basis.  This was not
the case at the time that Duke Michael fought and won Crown Tourney.

>>>>However, the laws of Atlantia state quite clearly : No one shall compete in the Crown Lists or be the
                  prospective consort of a competitor in the Crown Lists
                  who cannot fulfill the duties of the Crown.   

I see no evidence of their Majesties being unaware of this law.  And
their letter does sound as if they are saying "Well, we can't do the job
right, but deal with it people".  <<<<

Where in the Laws of Atlantia does it state that the Crowns MUST attend all
courts, feasts, etc. when they are at an event?  TRM were very gracious in
letting the populace know that there may be more times than not, when only one
would be able to attend various activities.  

I have been a member of this Kingdom long enough to have seen at least one
other reign by their Graces, Michael and Seonaid.  They are very gracious in
their dealings with all people and during their reigns, have always conducted
themselves as a True King and Queen should.  

Personally, I would like to thank their Majesties for being considerate enough
to explain why they may not both be in attendance for various activities when
they are at an event.  Long may they reign and as often as Michael wins Crown

In Service to the Society, Kingdom, TRMs, my knight and myself.

Lord Gaelan MacCuinneagain, KH, Tempest
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