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Re: Remarks about TRM etc.

Poster: Jessica Rechtschaffer <jsrechts@email.unc.edu>

> Thanks, Lyanna, I didn't respond to the posts because I didn't want to
> add fuel to the fire or start an argument on the net.  To me the Acorn
> letter said we cannot hold up the office so forgive us, oh, by the way it
> is going to continue in future reigns.  I made a very simple statement,
> if you don't feel you can do the job well, don't do it.

I thought the Acorn letter from Sionaid was whiny and poorly written to
say the least. I do think you should respond and defend yourself on the
Merry Rose though. Hey, on the Ironrose (women's fighter) list I'm always
making commments that piss people off, I get a batch of hate mail and then
write back quoting the people and then refute all their arguments.  It
takes wind out of the sacks.  What I usually do to save some face is:
Sorry to offend anyone but what I meant was this and this and this.

Sometimes, if it's REALLY bad, it's a good idea to draft a letter and let
someone else proof-read it to get a second opinion.  In fact, I asked
Duchess Caterina to proof-read the one I sent to the Merryrose regarding
your statements just to make sure that I wasn't off the wall or anything.
If you want, I can proof-read your response. 

Hope everything else is going OK in your life.  Haven't seen ya in a


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