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Re: Remarks about TRM etc.

Poster: Christopher Mark Faulcon <mfaulcon@or.atinc.com>

Jessica Rechtschaffer wrote:

>  Hey, on the Ironrose (women's fighter) list I'm always
> making commments that piss people off, I get a batch of hate mail and then
> write back quoting the people and then refute all their arguments.  It
> takes wind out of the sacks.  What I usually do to save some face is:
> Sorry to offend anyone but what I meant was this and this and this.
> Lyanna

I don't know Lyanna; I find it difficult to respect anyone who purposefully
sets out to offend someone, even if their intentions are pure and their
arguments without fault. Regardless of how I might feel about what that person
is saying, my opinion of the speaker, and hence my estimation ofthe merit of
their words, will forever be tainted by the memory of their percieved poor
behavior. It also makes me wonder if the person were more interested in
considered debate, or name calling and verbal mayhem.


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