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Re: regarding Their Magesties

Poster: E-Lady@worldnet.att.net (Elizabeth Orwig)

Just so the good people of Atlantia know:

I sent a copy of my post to my knight. The following is his reaction to it. 

>>Good post.
>>During Alinon's final court Saturday, His Majesty got up and left as a bunch
>>of changes to kingdom law were being read aloud.
>>He went outside and socialized with his knights who were out there because the
>>hall was small and many of us gave our seats up so others may sit.  (See,
>>we're not all bad)  In other words, His Majesty took a break.
>>And NOBODY blinked an eye.
>>Sir Artos Ancilus
>>KSCA, Meridies
>>**Erzebet,  you may use this missive as you see fit.  Artos**
    "Come into these arms again,
                And set this spirit free......."

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