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Re: regarding Their Magesties

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

Let me preface my remarks by saying I have not seen the letter in the
Acorn.  I have only seen the bile and vented spleen here on the Merry
Rose.  Also, in no way should my comments be taken as any reflection on
Their Majesties.  I am speaking in general terms, and I have no
household affiliations nor other political motives.
> I must say I am more than a little disusted by that gentle's post.  It is
> first of all VERY period for one or BOTH of the King and Queen to NOT be
> present during court if they so chose to do so. Without appology OR reason
> given. It is THEIR right.  We are graced by those who are able to be there,
> and by those who take into account that even if they can[t they would like
> to, and tell us so. Remember that.

That is all well and good, Lady, but this is a GAME, not the actual
period.  What makes the GAME fun is when folks who vie for the Crown and
get it show up to play and be regal and whatnot so that others may enjoy
that aspect of the game.  It is part of the responsibility one must
assume when fighting for the crown.  When those wearing the crowns do
not show up for their own courts, it's a let-down.  If they do it too
often, ya wonder why they bothered.  Certainly there are always
mitigating circumstances, and it is not those cases about which I
speak.  I just think your opening salvo was a bit misplaced for this

> During period, a person making such a flagrant traitorous remark in a public
> forum would be brought to court or populace assembly and publicly flogged
> for all to see. Feel lucky we don't actually do that.

Yeah, well, I feel lucky we also don't have plague, the Inquisition,
etc....but of course as a society that started in America, we naturally
shouldn't have such things- besides, they're not fun unless carried out
as outrageous and harmless shtick.
> I have not played in Atlantia long. I have met some good people here.  I
> miss my homelands (for there are 2) and those people I have left behind.  I
> am proud and honored to be in the households I am in.  I would NEVER
> dishonor myself or my house by such a remark.  I was brought up here to KNOW
> that if one does not respect the person wearing the crown, you must STILL
> RESPECT that CROWN.  If you cannot find it in yourself to do either or both,
> then maybe it's time to take a step back and sit it out for the duration of
> that reign.  I know some who have done that.

Sure, we've probably all done that.  I know I have stepped out for a
handfull of years when I felt burned out. I think you might consider
that only fighting for the crown if you can show up to do the job is one
way of showing respect for it.

> Good gentle, if you care not for what others think of you after your post,
> take heed for what they will think of those close to you for your words.
> You not only affect yourself, but others.  A lesson learned hard and long
> myself.
> I will now step off my soapbox and return you to your regularly scheduled
> program.
> Erzebet Fauconneau

While this is well and good and should be considered by those whose
honour reflects on others, there is a comment I was reminded of last
night.  In the Novel 'Tom Jones', Tom is reminded that "it is not enough
that your actions be good, but they must also appear so".  While there
is a certain ammount of discretion that applies here in the sense of not
hurting others' feelings, there is also a certain ammount of show and
theatre to it that honourable folk ought not to feel required to put
on.  Granted one may not always be thought well of, but one should
always be able to sleep with a clear conscience.  The thought that one's
words might reflect on others should not stop one from speaking what one
feels is an honest and neccesary truth.

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