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Re: Canvas

Poster: Megan Burnham <lmegan@bellsouth.net>

James Morrow wrote:
> Poster: Achbar@worldnet.att.net (James Morrow)
> ITEX Inc.     free price list  1 800 525  7058   10 once   Cotton Army
> Duck Canvas    $2.54  per yard.   Achbar knows nothing about making
> tents.  I would love to make a yurt.  Is this a good price or not?
> I just may breakdown and get a Panther Primitive Tent and call it
> even.
> Achbar

Hi Achbar....

That's an excellent price for canvas....but how wide is it?  I buy mine 
through John Boyle & Sons....can't find the 800 number at the momment, 
but they are in Statesville.....need a tax id number to order, 

If you're interested in making a yurt, contact the Hord folks...they are 
always ready to help.  As for Panther tents---DON"T DO IT!!!  Check out 
TENTSMITHS----Much better choice---They're realistically priced. Panter 
used to supply for American Rev, 19th c fur trade and Civil War...they 
found us, upped the prices and dropped the quality, in my oppinion.
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