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Re: light-hearted and fun

Poster: "Jessica Wilbur" <jessica@pop.net>

> What is your ideal venue for A&S?  What would make you go out of your 
> way to enter/display your creations/knowledge?
I like teaching/class situations. I love University (and I can't go this summer,
harrumph)! I haven't had a chance to teach yet-- I had already volunteered, but
my sister decided to get married that day... some nerve. =D  Just kidding...
But of all the classes I've taken, I've gotten something valuable out of every one.
I love learning new things and improving my knowledge of others. I think it's
great that so many people take the time to teach what they know to others.

> Competition or Display?
Both of these are good, I think. Competitions can make you strive to do your
absolute best on a project. They also have good opportunities for feedback, 
which can be very helpful, if done correctly. Displays, on the other hand, are
good for those folks who do not enjoy competition, or do not wish to join a
competition (maybe they do that art or science for a living, and feel they have
an unfair advantage). It's still an opportunity for those people to have their work
seen and get some feedback as well.

> Prizes?
Prizes are nice, but for me personally, and probably many other people as well,
they aren't why we do the things we do.

> Theme?  Topic?  Way of displaying?  Kind of event?
Themes can be fun, as long as they're relatively inclusive. I've been to some 
events where I wanted to be able to enter the competition or display, but I 
couldn't because the theme was something like Tenth Century Mongolian
Chip Carving or such... I exaggerate but you get the idea. A broader theme or
topic is a good idea so that more people can participate.

> Documentation?  If so what kind?
I think it's good to have different levels of documentation required at different 
events. It's fun to have competitions which require only "creative" documentation,
but I think it's also valuable to have ones where "serious" documentation, or a
documentation-only category, is required. It is a good idea to learn to do effective
documentation, and it's not really that hard. I recently entered a competition 
where one of the judge's comments was, "Almost *too* much documentation!"
I guess I went a little overboard.  =)

> What kind of comments do you like to see/receive??
I like specific comments. I know that when it's a large competition, and there are
few judges, it's hard for them to write lots about each entry. But it is really helpful
when you know specifically what needs improving and what has been done well.

> Tell All!!

I think I've told more than anybody's interested in reading!  =)

--Muireann ni Riordain, the Longwinded...
Ponte Alto
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