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A&S competition v. display

Poster: "Mari Stewart" <stewart@faculty.law.duke.edu>

Greetings all... 
	Good questions...

1. Ideal Venue?   -  for me that is a casual teaching &  learning 
environment.   I can  and have taught classes ( and will again at 
University, y'all come) but I am much better in a small group where 
everyone is sharing ideas and information. 

2. To go out of my way to Enter?  -  That would take either, 1. 
something so totally spiff I couldn'tlivewithoutit... (and there 
aren't many things in that category) or 2. a great opportunity to 
talk to other artisans/ get feedback/ or learn from people who know 
more and do better work. 

3. Competition v. Display?   -  For me display is the only way to go. 
 I find that my ego can deal with the same criticism much better if 
it is only in a display situation.   Also, apples and oranges is one 
of the aspects of competition that I will point to... And with some 
of my stranger items, I think display is a much better time to 
educate people than competition.  

4. Prizes?  -   see 2.   For me (I know some people might find this 
sappy) good direction, constructive criticism, or a new place to look 
for resources is the best prize. 

5. Theme? Topic? Display Method? Type of Event?  -  Big question!
Theme -  Yes I like themes, at times.... in the regard that generally 
they help you group the apples with more similar apples.  Or they 
help you investigate one culture more thoroughly. 
Topic - see theme.
Display Method -  I like to see items in use... whether golf clubs, 
chess boards, or clothing... don't just let it sit there, show us how 
it works and moves. 
Type of event - see theme. 

6. Documentation -  YES!  Allow me to explain... well sum up...
I like documentation in all shapes and sizes.   From the simple 3x5 
card up to the dissertaiton.   Teach me, prove me wrong, find 
something new to look at, break new ground, and show me how you did 
it.  For me the SCA is a place to revive the lost arts so I love it 
when someone teaches me something old, that is totally new to me. 

7. Comments  -  By all means do comment.  But please, be gentle.  
You're lookin' at my baby there.  Something I have labored and 
sweated over for hours on end... Don't just tell me it's homely, I 
probably already know that, but do tell me where I can look for 
better sources, or other sources that may contradict what I know, or 
expand my knowledge.  If you know a better way to do something... ask 
me if I tried it by doing X.    I want the feed back good or not... 
it all goes to learning more.    

I particularly like displays where small tokens are given in 
recognition of the artisans work.  I always try to do the rounds with 
_something_ to leave for those who impress me.  Impressing me is not 
limited to the drop dead georgous coat of plate made by a Laurel in 
armouring,  I've given tokens to people who are experimenting in new 
fields, learning something new themselves, improvement in a gentles 
work, and yes to those absolutely fabulous items that just knock my 
socks off. 

There's lots more to share, but I gotta go.  
Take care all
Bridgette Kelly MacLean
The MacLean of Atlantia

who has moved yet again.  That's 5 times in a year and a half, I'm 
gaining on your record Lyanna. 

Mari Stewart

I'm lost, but I'm making record time
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