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Response to James of Rutland's response to Lady Addrianna

Poster: Odinson13 <Odinson13@aol.com>

Greetings, good gentles.

Although as an outsider, new to SCA, the gentle seems lacking at present.
Allow me first to state: I have no idea outside of historical knowlege what
the "role" of a SCadian king or queen is. From my personal lifestyle I do know
what fighting words are. Be glad we "ain't" period because blood would be

I Have to agree with James's letter. What surprises me is the anger in the
words of Lord Stephans's attackers, most particularly Lady Addrianna. He was
stating an opinion, how is that cowardly? Does he not have that right? Why
would you want to fight him or see him wipped? That sentiment may very well be
period, They after all enjoyed seeing people ripped apart in public torture.

Just an observation from an outsider, calm down good people, tis but a game.

In Service,
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