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Re: Canvas

Poster: Randy Dees <rrd@amherst.com>

On Wed, Apr 08, 1998, Hilda Jean Smith-Beattie boldly stated
> Dearest Achbar and Friends---
> where I come from ,that is a Great price...but be carfeful,
> find out if it comes in large pieces or if it is remnants and what the average size
> of the pieces are This could affect your yardage as in, if you have to pice you tent
> more than you expect you need more yardage.Also if it is water and flame resistant
> or if you will have to do that yourself once the structure is completed..(there are
> preparations on the market to treat your canvas with).Also the color..(army drab
> has a tendancy to make  for a VERY hot tent..still workable but you may want to work
> more vents into your design which will change your yardage requirements)
> About the yurt part..Baron Corun..did you make yours?
> >
> >Poster: Achbar@worldnet.att.net (James Morrow)
> >
> >ITEX Inc.     free price list  1 800 525  7058   10 once   Cotton Army
> >Duck Canvas    $2.54  per yard.   Achbar knows nothing about making
> >tents.  I would love to make a yurt.  Is this a good price or not?

I have called ITEX, and here is some more information:

at $2.54/yd, the canvas is 30-36" wide, sold only by the 100yd bolt.  It is
waterproofed and mildew-resistant.  At $3.33/yd, same fabric is treated for 
fire-resistance.  At $5.xx (sorry, memory is poor) can get 60-65" width.

I am not entirely sure whether the price for the wide stuff is flame-resistant
or only waterproofed.

I have samples en-route and will report to interested parties after I get it.
If more than 3-4 people want to know, I will post the information here.


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