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their majesties

Poster: Brenna <sunnie@exis.net>

My goodness!  So, now it's a crime to let your mundane life interfere
with the dream....yes, the dream...we live a wonderful fantasy in the
SCA.  It is a departure from the ugly, uncaring world we inhabit, but it
is still a dream and sometimes we have to wake up.  If we were to
condemn those who need to attend to something in the mundane world
during a dream function, I would be judged amoung the guilty.  I have
left a moot where I had a report to give suddenly and without warning
when my 3 year old threw up on me and began fevering.  I missed an event
where I promised to help out when my daughter was in the doctor's office
with an asthma attack so bad she needed nebulized.  I left an event 4
hours before schedule when one of my coworkers in the real world fell
ill at work and needed relieved asap.  SO, sometimes the real world
calls, and the dream must be put on hold to dream again another day.
That would not change, no matter what station I hold.  I only hope other
people are not so lost in the "dream" that they cannot wake up at the
call from the "real world" when it comes.

Brenna of Lyonsbane

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