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Re: Excalibur

Poster: "Helena C. Bretherton" <mawrtyr@pantheon.yale.edu>

Your theory is actually a fair description of the commonly known legend
of Excalibur (except for the name Caliburn -- where did you find
that??)  Yes, legend has it that Excalibur was crafted by iron ore from
a meteorite.  Yes, it was considered "magical" (I won't go into the
various reasons for that, since Sir Thomas Mallory wrote about it far
more eloquently than I can ever hope to).

As for the bit about the sword holding an edge, general description of
the basic steel blade -- where are you trying to go with this?  To
document a steel sword in very early period?  For one thing, the actual
period of Arthur (400-500ish CE) is either before SCA Period, or at the
very earliest edge of Period, if I am not mistaken (if my recollection
(not personal!!) of the Fall of the Roman Empire was somewhere around
476 CE).  I guess I can't give you an opinion until you clarify what you
are trying to accomplish/prove with your "theory."

Raven Helmsplitter
mka Helena C. Bretherton
Household of the Great Dark Horde
Anda-in-residence, Yale School of Drama

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