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Re: Underage drinking... (longish...)

Poster: PADRAIG350 <PADRAIG350@aol.com>

In a message dated 04/12/1998 18:14:47 Mountain Daylight Time,
bearshaven@worldnet.att.net writes:

<< I have heard many people
 bemoaning the fact that they see underage drinking but when asked what
 they did about it very few took any action to prevent it or to report it
 to someone who could do something about it. If we don't stand up and
 take action to solve this problem as a society as a whole and sweep it
 under the rug until its more convenient to do something about it then
 the problem will continue and people will continue to think no harm can
 come to them for feeding alcohol to minors or drinking alcohol as a
 minor. The constabulary is always there to lend a hand but we all have
 to be responsible for eradicating this problem.

Underage drinking should happen as often as a 5 year old winning Crown, that
is to say NEVER.
If in their mundane lives minors and those responsible for them allow underage
drinking to go on there is very little we can do.  But at ANY SCA function, be
it local fighter practice or Kingdom event, no minor should be drinking.  Many
might argue that in the "Real" Middle Ages kids drank.  In the "Real" Middle
Ages children were slaughtered by invading armies, shall we re-create that?
Any parent out there can give the obvious response to this.
We are supposed to be examples of Honor, Chivalry and Respect.  That is the
core of the Game we supposedly play.  If we poison our children can we claim
those qualities?

Yours in Service to the Greater Dream
Padraig macBrian of Lough Strangford
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