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Courtesy (was Excalibur )

Poster: TAWNYKAT <TAWNYKAT@aol.com>

[Steffan's "theory" on Excaliber] I think that after we discuss this that we
can try to determine whether Katherine Kurtz's hero Moran's chain mail shirt
was "magically" enhanced or whether it simply was made from 360 Chromimun
Steel. 99% of the "legend" of Arthur is fantasy.  Next.>>

 First, let me say that I am knowingly putting this response on the Atlantia
list for the following reason:
After the great outcry that courtesy has declined in the SCA, the "discussion"
on TRM's acorn letter, and the "witty" responses to Steffan's question (all
within the last month).....I simply cannot contain my concern and dismay.  I
fully expect others to disagree and flame me for my viewpoints, and I accept
that as part of voicing my opinion in a public forum.  You have your right to
an opinion, just as I have mine.  That said:

Milord Eogan, 
     I assume you did not mean to appear so arrogant and dismissive in your
reply and were trying for witticism.  After the GREAT outcry on the lack or
decline of courtesy in the SCA, I find your response a fair sympton of this
malaise.  The fact that Steffan's recent words (with admitted lack of
forethought) make him an easy target only causes me greater concern.  While I
myself find this question in that wide grey ocean of FACT vs DESIRE TO MAKE IT
FACT, I would treat it like knitting (being much more my realm of knowledge).
Recently, much to the dismay of naysayers, it has been proven to be quite a
period fiber art.  One (to also be fair) not practiced in the full form or
fashion that we know today.  
     There were much kinder and genteel ways to word your response, and it is
discourteous and pompous to assume you know all about a subject (perhaps you
do, and I apologize for my lack of faith in your erudition) or to dismiss a
person simply because you think them foolish.  Also, I find it interesting
that a person who enjoys the re-creation of an atmosphere and time past
dismisses someone so easily because it's a..."fantasy".  You have the right to
disagree, and you have the right to think someone foolish; however, in the
*game* we call the SCA, you have the DUTY to do so courteously.  That is my
belief, and I hope I do it justice in practice.  If you feel I have not, feel
free to say so.
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