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Fwd: Principality Info - For Bright Hills Area

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

I am forwarding this to the List at the Request of the Baroness of 
Bright Hills.

Please come and participate if you are in the area and have an interest.

   - Anarra

    Greetings One and All,

      First off - some of you will get this message twice - because
you're on one of the 'reflectors' as well as a singular e-mail address 
in my list.  Apologies for the duplication.

      The sole purpose of this message is to let everyone know that on
Friday, April 17, 1998 at Franklin Middle School in Reisterstown - at 
our fighter practice sight - we will have a visit from Earl Daffyd ap 
Gwystl. He will be there to talk about the Principality movement, to 
answer questions and concerns about it and give everyone a chance to 
discuss their concerns.  The site will be available from 7:30pm till 
10:00pm.  After that we head for Ice Cream at Maddy's - a nearby coffee 
and ice cream parlor.

      Please pass the word to any and all who may be interested - pro or 
con - and ask them to join us.   

      Directions;  Take your best route to I-695 (Baltimore Beltway) and 
head for exit #19 (I-795/NorthWest Expressway).  Take I-795 West to exit 
7A (Franklin Blvd East) and follow Franklin Blvd to the 2nd light. Work 
you way over to the left hand lane as you go. At the second light turn 
Left onto Rte 140/Reisterstown Road.  Follow 140 approximately a 
mile/mile and a half into 'old' Reisterstown Proper. As the road begins 
to narrow you should see Franklin Middle School on your Left.  Go to the 
second entrance driveway and pull in and park in the lot.  If you pass 
the Reisterstown Volunteer Fire Station you just passed us. Turn around 
and come back.

*** For those of you coming from Frederick, Taneytown, points 
thereabouts - take your best route to either rte 140 East or Rte 30 
South(or East) Follow these all the way into Reisterstown - at which 
point they merge to become 140/Main street at a 3 way intersection. Your 
landmark here is a Royal Farm store, a liquor store that also advertises 
bait and a gas station all on one corner.  Continue through the light, 
still heading East and follow Main street/rte 140 about 3-4 blocks, 
passing the Fire Station and the next building is Franklin Middle 
school, on your right. Pull in the first entrance and find a parking 

     We meet in the auditorium - go to the center front entrance, go up 
the stairs and the auditorium is right in front of you.   Most likely 
we'll then meet in the cafeteria so the fighters (who don't want to 
listen to Earl Daffyd's information) can happily pound on each other in 
the auditorium.

     # For those of you who find middle school size cafeteria benches
uncomfortable - please borrow a chair from the auditorium so you're 
comfy but please return it when we're done.

     Hope to see lots of folks there.  Consider this a good chance to 
get the straight scoop direct from our fearless leader, Earl Daffyd, 
right before the preliminary polling on the 19th.  Please feel free to 
forward this on to anyone you think would be interested.  I'm not on the 
Merry Rose list so I don't have that address to send it out to.

           Ekaterina,    Baroness of Bright Hills

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