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Gypsies, Archers and Thieves

Poster: Lorenzo <detoma@erols.com>

Greetings from Lorenzo.

Just wanted to give a few more details about the event on May 9th: Gypsies,
Archers and Thieves. The folks of Silver Rylle have been putting together
some really neat target archery events in East Kingdom for the past few
years. Some of us in Highland Foorde have been to the last three events of
theirs and were quite impressed. Some of Silver Rylle's folks came down to
our St. Sebastian event last fall and were blown away by the rapier/combat
archery activities, something they hadn't seen before. Over the Winter we
have been planning a joint event between our two groups, and the autocrats
on their side were absolutely adamant that there must be rapier and combat
archery, because it is something that hasn't been done in East Kingdom, and
they really wanted to bring it in. This will be an East Kingdom Royal
Progress, and it will be our chance to show our neighbours in East Kingdom
with their King and Queen in attendance how much fun combat archery can be.
Following on the heels of Kingdom Crusades last year, I believe we can
really make a difference out there, and spread our love of combat archery to
the North. Anyone who can help in this would be very welcome. 

Furthermore, there will be heavy fighting as well as target archery. The
roving range for target archery will be something that I don't think anyone
in Atlantia has seen before, made by Lord Spence Colby, who is one of the
best in the Knowne World at this. In addition there will also be shoots with
moving targets. The site where the event will be held is absolutely
spectacular. It is a Boy-Scout camp nestled in the mountains, with over 400
acres and two lakes in which you can swim. There are full facilities, and
tons of camping space. It is a really beautiful place. The site fee is a
little high by Atlantian standards, but it includes breakfast Saturday and
Sunday, lunch on Saturday, and the feast on Saturday, which will be prepared
by Baron Silver. 

This will be a unique event, and even if I wasn't involved in it, I think
it's great that groups in two different kingdoms can join to put together
events. I think that this is the type of efforts that can be really
beneficial to both our Kingdoms, so I hope many of you will come and have
lots of fun.

Thanks for listening,
- Lorenzo

Lord Lorenzo il Confuso

At 08:50 PM 4/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Poster: Greg Glewwe <glewweg@erols.com>
>  I have been asked to bring a Rapier/Combat Archery Road Show to the May
>9th event that Highland Foorde is doing with Silver Rylle (E.K.).  The
>folks up there saw the melees at our St. Sebastien's event last final and
>were very impressed, both becasue it looked like fun and was fun to watch!
>I am desperately in need of folks to come make it fly.  We need comabt
>archers and rapiers, so pass the word, please!  We will have a football
>field size space all day long, so we can fight till we drop. 
>   Anyone who makes the trek from near or far is welcome to crash space and
>dinner at my house in Frederick, MD, which is about one hour and forty-five
>minnutes from the site.  Folks are welcome to come up Friday night.  Our
>accomadations are not always luxurious, but we have lots of floor, several
>air mattresses, two cots, and even an extra bed or so.
>Those wanting to crash, please try to contact me soon, so I can plan.  Even
>if you won't be crashing over, it would be useful to know who is coming to
>the event.  Contact info below:
>Greg Glewwe
>1808 Noblewood Ct.
>Frederick, MD. 21702
>In Service to Crown and Kingdom,
>Gregoire de Conteville
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