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Re: Courtesy

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> In a message dated 98-04-13 13:34:23 EDT, TAWNYKAT@aol.com writes:
> << You have the right to disagree, and you have the right to think someone
> foolish; however, in the *game* we call the SCA, you have the DUTY to do so
> courteously. >>
> Thank you for stating what far too many people seem to have forgotten.  In the
> SCA, courtesy is our foremost unit of currency.  In an era rife with
> recession, it is important to be reminded that, simply through our behavior,
> we can enrich or impoverish our Kingdom.
 I am reminded of the line from "1776": 

"New York abstains...courteously."

Sorry, just struck me funny....but truly what you say is the case.  Only
by courtesy can we build a refuge 'gainst the rude world.

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