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Re: Question and request

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

> I am looking for suggestions and opinions on good games. I have not been
> around long enough to see what is overplayed and what hasn't. So I am asking
> the general public they're opinion. Tell me your favorite game not your
> favorite games source.
> Regards
> Tristan

One game I learned early on in the SCA and still enjoy playing is Hneftafl
(r "King's Table").  This is actually a family of games all with similar
rules and goals, but played on different sized baords and peices.  The
commonalities are:
One king, with x nuber of defenders.
Twice as many attackers on the opposing side as defenders.
The king begins play in the central square of the board
The king is attempting to escape the board
All moves made as the rook in chess
Captures are made by flanking
The differences are mainly in board size:
Fidchell or Fitchneil (Celtic version) 7x7 board, 8 defenders, 16
Tawlbwnd (I probably spelled it wrong), Swiss version, 9x9 board, 8
defenders, 16 attackers
An Anglo-Saxon version whose name I can't recall right now, with a 13x13
board, --I'd have to go back and look at my info at home to recall the
number of men--I don't usually play this one.
And a great Viking version on a 19x19 board with 24 attackers and 48
A good article (a great one, actually) on this family of games was printed
in a recent TI, giving wonderful historical diocumentation.  ALso, you can
find this game in a PC version called Roagnorok.
If there is interest, I will find the time to write out the exact rules
for the various versions and post it here.

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