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I emailed yesterday's post to Duchess Caterina and she responded below.
It's yet more food for thought on the subject:


Caterina writes:      
>      aHH, you've fallen into the usual trap.  Read law carefully, the 150 
>      mile rule does NOT automatically prohibit events from occurring within 
>      150 miles of each other.  It allows autocrats/groups to choose from 3 
>      options if they are the first to "sign up" a particular date:  they 
>      can "blackout" that date (e.g., prohibit other events for 150 mile 
>      radius); it can categorically allow other events without consultation; 
>      or it can require consultation before allowing conflict.
>      The original purpose of the law was to solve 2 problems that were 
>      occurring more and more frequently.  Problem 1:  Small group plans its 
>      traditional annual event (remember every group must hold at least 1 
>      official event per year to avoid suspension for inactivity).  Larger 
>      nearby group holds event on that same day and small group winds up 
>      losing most of its limited funds as their audience is "stolen" by 
>      larger event.
>      Problem 2:  Large group holds 15 events per year and sets them up on 
>      calendar, smaller nearby group wants to hold an event but sees that 
>      larger group has "taken all the good dates." Small group whines to 
>      Chronicler and demands that Chronicler "speak" to larger group and get 
>      them to back off.
>      No s***, this really happens and happened.  Mistress Meriah was so fed 
>      up with being the "go between" that she went to Curia and asked for 
>      this rule so that groups would be forced to communicate directly with 
>      each other rather than use the Chronicler as a mediator.
>      The areas that have no trouble with attendance to 5 events on the same 
>      day in the same 3 hour radius are those with large metropolitan 
>      density.  You'll see the same thing happening in the Northern 
>      Atlantian Region (multiple events on one day, scattered around the 
>      beltway).  This is one of the reasons why the North could support a 
>      principality.
>      Where the problems occur are in areas where there isn't enough pop 
>      density to make more than one event pay the setup costs.  Atlantia 
>      (and the East) has plenty of those areas too.
>      The trick to encourage smaller events is to remind groups that not ALL 
>      their events have to be official (listed in Acorn) and that it is fun 
>      once in a while to actually plan and AIM for small events; using the 
>      cheaper sites that DON'T hold a ton of bodies.  Of course, you, the 
>      out-of-towner, then have to be on your toes to check out the 
>      "unadvertized specials" through word of mouth and local newsletters.:) 
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