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Level of work

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Miri wrote:
>I get the feeling they seem to have a strong
>handle on what level of work is suitable for each award. I don't >think 
we really have that in Atlantia.

It appears that way to me, as well.  Though I do not want to see any 
kind of 'merit badge' system in the SCA, it would be nice to come to a 
closer agreement on the level of, for example, service required for the 
Goldin Dolphin.

I maintain that service to one's group *is* service to the Kingdom, and 
thus deserves kingdom-level recognition.  Without well-run local groups, 
there wouldn't BE a Kingdom.

Others are just as adamant that the Golden Dolphin is for service at the 
Kingdom level and that local awards are valid recognition for efforts at 
the local level.

Some overall idea of appropriate service, for example, would be of 
value.  Perhaps that could be addressed in Order meetings at Unevent and 
maybe other places.


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