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Re: a new idea

Poster: Logan & Arielle <sirlogan@mail.clt.bellsouth.net>

Ok I feel the need to add a little to this thread.  Her (former Excellency of
Marinus) Excellency points out one very fundamental point  (by the way ..Hi you).
No one in the position of giving awards (i.e. recognizing the hard work of
individuals) can do so if they do not receive input from the populace at large.
Now on to the reality issue that will piss some people off.  As former Royalty I
must add that those that are involved in cliques or little political groups that
don't play with the rest of the world really don't need to send in those lovely
little "form" letters.  We (Arielle and I) got plenty of recommendation letters
that all spoke of one person, and all that they had done to deserve inclusion into
the Order of the Chivalry/Laurel/Pelican/Pearl/Sea Stag/whatever.  The problem was
three-fold.  First, when all of the letters come from the same zip code it raises
flags.  Second, when neither of us had ever heard of the individual (believe me
when I tell you that is next to impossible for someone getting a Peerage
recommendation) it also raises flags.  Third, when we called people who sent in
recommendations on "Lord Bob, who should be counted amongst Atlantia's
Laurels/Knights/whatever"  and asked them questions that they could not answer
(i.e. "Why"?) ...........well you get the idea.  The main point that I would like
to make is simply this;  if you see something that you feel is inspiring, and you
think that it is not a fluke or spur of the moment action on a person's part,
think about writing a letter.  If the action in question is something that you
find to be an asset to the society and the game then think about why.  Put those
ideas into a letter of recommendation and mail it to those that can
reward/recognize that work.  It really is a simple process.  What you don't need
to do is talk about things like "Well I think Lord Bob is a nice guy, and when he
asked me to be part of his household at my second SCA meeting I was so overwhelmed
by his generosity that I.......get it?".  That's it

Duke Logan

ps My humble apologize to anyone named Lord Bob, oh yeah and to anyone named Lord
Bob..........get a different name!   8^)

Breyheres wrote:

> Poster: Breyheres <Breyheres@aol.com>
> To throw my 2 cents into this discussion, I spent 6 years in the MidRealm,
> lived in Ealdormere when it went principality and since I was a Great Officer
> got to listen in on the awards discussions.  It's really interesting to
> actually hear the criteria for the awards are.  And I think it's necessary --
> it's not a checklist or anything, just something to keep in mind when you're
> giving an award.  As a baroness, it was truly frustrating to me when I
> received no recommendation letters from my barony (it was easier to keep tabs
> on who is doing what in a barony!), but after harping on the subject, many
> people would come and talk to me about recommendations and who they were
> recommending.  Talking is great, but if you want the Crown to take action, put
> it in writing!  As my dad says "If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the
> stage!"
> Breyheres Olwen
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