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Recommendation Example

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

One thing that I have discovered in encouraging people to write award 
recommendations is that they are unsure what to write.

Here I offer an example of a recommendation that I wrote for a Pearl, 
where I discuss the Skills the Lady has, and also her teaching of those 
I kept a copy on line and updated it and sent it in to the King, Prince, 
and Principle of the Pearl, once a reign.

Feel free to copy and alter this recommendation for those you have 
noticed. The name has been changed to protect the guilty  :-o  though 
those who know her will undoubtedly recognize her (Don't worry, she's 
since received her Pearl!)

Please note that Their Highnesses and Majesties might appreciate 
slightly less lengthy recommendations!  It grew through the months!  :D

Lady Susan Scadian (Susan Smith) for the Order of the Pearl
Lady Susan lives in Caer Mear.

Lady Susan produces a wide range of Arts and Sciences.

She Knits. She has researched the history of knitting in SCA period and 
taught classes at several University sessions.  She teaches knitting and 
knits in many different styles.  She knits hoods for friends and for 
prizes.  She teaches knitted hoods to others.

In preparation for History of knitting class, she made the following: 
Egyptian nalbound cotton sock, Monmouth cap, Elizabethan Flat Cap, 
Thomas Moore Cap, Eleanora of Toledo Stockings, Reliquary Bag.

She learned to nalbind from Lady Ana Ilevna and has gone on to teach 
herself another style (Romano-Egyptian) that she has taught at two 
university sessions. She has nalbound prizes for Yarnvid’s Ice Axe 
event.  She also makes nals from antler.

She learned lampwork beads from Lady Caitlin Cheannlaidir in March 1997.  
She has made hundreds of beads, including some of the ones for the 
Necklace that was the prize for the Mini-Bardic at Cuan and Bera’s 
Coronation, and half the feast tokens for the upper tier feast at last 
year’s Emerald Joust.  She taught a lampwork class in her home in 
November 1997.

She sews her own SCA clothes and those of her daughter, and Lord Aedan 

She has taught others to make faux semi-precious gems from FIMO at a 
Caer Mear A&S Saturday.

She makes many different kinds of chain.

She has been instrumental in starting the Caer Mear Scriptorium.  She 
produced many scrolls for Baronial Awards for Emerald Joust.  She 
entered the Scrivner Royal Contest at Spring Crown.  Her scrolls are 
personalized to the recipient and very well done.  She and Lady Susanna 
Grey organized a scroll text competition at Emerald Joust.

She volunteered to fill in at June University to teach a class in Viking 
Embroidery for the Nordic Track when the Cardweaving teacher had to 

She eagerly seeks out new skills to learn and shows them to others.  She 
is drawn to teaching and teaches most of the skills she knows.  Caer 
Mear is blessed by her presence there.

Lady Susan has entered many A&S contests, including the scroll 
competition at Spring Crown AS XXXII, made many prizes for events, 
taught at several universities, held A&S classes at her home, created 
scrolls for Baronial Awards, organized the Caer Mear scriptorium and 
been of great help to the Baronial A&S officer at Emerald Joust and 
other events.  She is eminently deserving of this recognition; and the 
Order of the Pearl would be enriched by her membership therein.

In service,

Lady Anarra Karlsdottir
Companion of the Order of the Pearl
Award of Arms
Companion of the Order of the Baronial Brownie
Companion of the Order of the Pharos


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