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RE: Constables, warfare, and politics... (fwd)

Poster: Rick Wynne <richard@speakeasy.org>

Subject: RE: Constables, warfare, and politics...


In reply....

On Mon, 13 Apr 1998, Becker, Dee wrote:

> I saw your note on the Calontir-net.

*I hope all is well in your fine kingdom.

> You may want to define your term "constabulary work".

*In An Tir we have constables to handle certain organizational
administrative tasks at events. Some of their duties could be termed
"security" work.

> Through my work with demos in Calontir I am used to the term 'constable'
> having a specific meaning:  anyone with a staff who stands between the
> audience and the fighters, specifically to keep the audience at a safe
> distance.

*We call that office, Marshals here.

> Security work whether done by a baronial guard or security team, has avoided
> (at least in the Middle Kingdom & Calontir) the term "constable" or
> "sheriff" or any real-world law enforcement title to reinforce the truth
> that there is no special real-world privilege or authority that the SCA can
> grant when it comes to dealing with a real crime.

*I can see an advantage in that, although I am unfamiliar with any
department in the U.S. that uses the term constable anymore. The confusion
of contemporary sheriff and its earlier medieval usage is somewhat
humorous somewhat annoying, would you not agree? 
> My general expectations of a security team:
> Keeping an eye on the parking area, especially if out of sight of most of
> the event.
> Sometimes manning gates or entrances when general public access is not
> permitted.
> Standing guard at a vigil or royalty room
> If a guard-type unit:  taking part in ceremony

*A common catch phrase for many  "security"  organizations is "observe and
report"...that is probably a good motto for SCA volunteers. Sometimes
Police repsonse will be delayed, who should deal with a situation?
Dedicated upstanding citizens are given some priviledges in this regard
but require education to be properly utilized. For example the right for a
private citizen to "arrest" another for a felony crime (note that
misdemeanors are considered minor crimes legally...that does not mean you
might consider it a minor crime at the time-for example a fistfight
without weapons between physically equal opponents is only a misdemeanor
assault if it is even considered criminal ay all, there is such a thing as
mutual combatants, even if one person is beat to a bloody pulp).
> Things I do NOT expect from security:
> Arresting or jailing event goers
> Confiscating anything from event goers
> Searching campsites without invitation,
> Ticketing cars or imposing other sorts of fines
> etc.  

*Many of us join the SCa to escape mundane "rules" and such. I do not
think that means we should try to escape its laws. Police officers will
never be properly represented in the Society in my opinion. We must then
"police" ourselves. I do not see this as impossible given the nature of
the organization and the people it attracts. It does mean we all have to
be more responsible than the average mundane.

*I would like to hear more opinions on constabulary and its proper uses if
anyone would like to share their experiences of what has worked in the
past and what has not. 

In the Service of the Temple,
Brother Richard of Tyre

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