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Known World wide posts...

Poster: Rick Wynne <richard@speakeasy.org>

Greetings Gentles of the Known World,

 My aplogies for the intrusion, and the confusion. I am a resident of An
Tir but in the hopes of learnig more of the Society I posted some comments
and questions to all teh mailing lists I could find. I am not a
subscribing member of those lists as I did not want to get overrun with
kingdom specific discussions. I suppose I was not clear in this earlier
and I apologize for not seeing and responding to the responses some of you
made. If you wish to take the time and effort I would much appreciate
those responses be forwarded to me at my own addy or on the
Steps@antir.sca.org as my topics come from discussion based there. 

 I thank you all for your patience in this matter. I did not intend to
create spam and humbly seek your forgiveness for abusing your bandwidth.

In the Service of the Temple,
Brother Richard of Tyre
Madrone Chapter House, An Tir
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