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Re: [Mid] Constables, warfare, and politics...

Poster: "Berwyn" <LordBerwyn@ibm.net>

>  Discourse on the nature of constabulary work within the Society, its
> similarities and differences from law enforcement and traditional security
> work, and the populace's expectations of its constabulary.

The Middle Kingdom has no "constabulary".  Some of the larger camping 
events will have someone in charge of security or public safety, but 
there is not a standing office charged with that.  Mainly what I've 
seen this person doing is making sure nobody's tent is too close to a 
fire pit.  There is no similarity at all to law enforcement or 
traditional security.  I've only been at one event in the Midrealm 
where there was a disturbance, (drunk mundanes crashing our event) 
and that was solved by the autocrat  calling the local sheriff dept. 
 If you happen to be  in Northshield and mention Constabulary, people 
will think of the Order of the Constabulary, which is a principality 
martial award.

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