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Constables, warfare, and politics...

Poster: Rick Wynne <richard@speakeasy.org>

Greetings good gentles of the Known World,

 Pardon my intrusion, but given the differing natures of our kingdoms I am
seeking input on matters affecting the entire Known World... 

 Discourse on the nature of constabulary work within the Society, its
similarities and differences from law enforcement and traditional security
work, and the populace's expectations of its constabulary.

 Discussion on the nature of large scale warfare within
the Society and our standards of period authenticity in kit, fighting
styles, tactics, organization, and combat "rules".

 Opinions on "improving" inter kingdom relations by having "wars" with
actual impact (ie possession of land, tributes, etc) beyond symbolic
prizes. Ideas on "play" politics and diplomacy being encouraged.

 My thanks to you for your patience and assistance in this matter. Pax

In the Service of the Temple,
Brother Richard of Tyre
Madrone Chapter House of the Order of the Temple, Kingdom of An Tir
Milites Christi: Templar Archives (http://www.speakeasy.org/~richard)

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