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Fourth annual Rose Tour

Poster: Rutlands <Rutlands@aol.com>

Good gentles all, 

The gardeners of the Society, and anyone else interested, are invited to

the Fourth Annual Rose Tour

Note:  this isn't an event this year,  just people getting together.

     As in previous years, the Tour is designed to give SCAdian gardeners a
look at established plants of period roses in full bloom, with opportunities
to buy or order what you admire.  Mundane clothing is best for this mundane
     The gathering place is Mistress Elien's house, just off I-95 in Laurel,
MD;  be there at NINE-FIFTEEN AM SHARP, to get into carpools.  (Note: If you
can't be that early,  we can give directions to where we'll be later in the
     The first stop is Karen Burroughs' garden of old roses.  This magnificent
private garden has been featured in national publications.  We will arrive at
ten and take about an hour.  
     From there we go (about a 3-minute drive) to the Heritage Rosarium.  The
Rosarium is a display garden of old roses, and focuses exclusively on the
roses, in collection.  The Rosarium also sells rose plants.  Many of the
varieties will be there for sale already, and any that aren't may be ordered;
cuttings will be made and rooted & you pick 'em up next Spring... The Rosarium
also can make cuttings of any of Karen's roses you admired.  (Note:  the Tour
is timed to coincide with the Rosarium's Open House,  Memorial Day weekend &
the weekend after, which is when the once-only-blooming roses bloom;  even if
you can't make the Tour, it's worth your while to go there on your own...)
     The herd instinct will take us to an eatery for lunch, and then we will
terrorize Behnke Nurseries in Beltsville, MD;  they're pricey but the
selection of things is wonderful and the quality top-notch.
     The day will end at Mistress Elien's, with a tour of her own magnificent
antique and period roses.  There will also be a Plant Exchange,  where you
bring extras of what you have & take other people's extras back.  (You need
not bring anything to be able to take, nor do things have to be period.)
     There is no charge for the Tour-- but bring plenty of money to spend!
And PLEASE call one of the organizers for directions and to make sure that we
don't leave you behind if you're late.

Mistress Elien of Sheffield (Michelle Hunter) 9303 Iron Stone Court,
     Laurel, MD, (301) 725-5371    email sthunter@erols.com
Master James of Rutland (Jim Dronenburg) 3536 Cemetery Circle,
     Knoxville, MD, (301) 834-6515, email rutlands@aol.com.

Crash space can be arranged with advance notice.   
                            In service,  James of Rutland
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