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To  ATLANTIA--INET     Noble Atlantians                                        

From: C.J. Schaffer                                                            

I do not find it odd that someone should recieve recognition from the          
Crown before recognition from the (Baronial) Coronet, especially for           
service awards. Take, for example, a gentle who goes to 2-3 events a           
month and always serves at the feast and helps with site clean up.             
Someone going to so many events and consistently helping out will              
eventually be noticed by the Crown or companion of the Gold Dolphin and        
recieve due recognition. The Baronial level service award is usually           
designed to honor those gentles who serve *the Barony* beyond what is          
expected of a subject of that Barony. This same gentle never autocrats,        
holds office, or heads up serving or clean up, and so is not doing *for        
the Barony* any more work than is expected of a subject. But doing this        
work at *every event* he attends is certainly more service *to the             
Kingdom* than is expected of a subject.                                        

For fighting and A&S awards, this logic breaks down a bit, but it could        
still happen with someone who teaches at University, but never at local        
A&S nights, for example. But i do not find a problem with gentles who          
have been recognized on the Kingdom level, but not on the Baronial             

Nils Olafsson                                                                  
Ponte Alto                                                                     

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Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>                               

> Poster: Erik Dutton <edutton@worldnet.att.net>                               
> AEdric the Grene wrote:                                                      
> <snip>                                                                       
> > I know of at least three people who won Kingdom-level awards for work      
> > they did for a Barony (One of them actually did end up with both the Kingdo
m and                                                                          
> > Barony award).  Seems kinda confusing to me.                               
> <snip>                                                                       
> I also know people who have never held a Kingdom office, or really           
> played much at Kingdom level, but whose level of service at the Baronial     
> level has been so consistent and outstanding that some time after            
> receiving the Baronial service award, the folks in their Barony              
> campaigned for Kingdom-level honors for them. Just because you're not        
> working directly for a Kingdom-level office or the Crowns, doesn't mean      
> your service is not contributing to the Kingdom as a whole.                  

I certainly didn't mean to imply that it did.  What I found confusing was why t
individuals were obviously noticed by Crown for their service to their Barony, 
find it odd that 2 out of 3 did not get Baronial level awards.  You would think
their work would first be noticed by the Barony and then the Kingdom as you sug
To get a Kingdom award and not a Baronial award (ever) seems really strange.   
Certainly makes it seem like the awards are not clear in their criteria at some
(Kingdom or Baronial) in at least the cases I mention or that there were other 
at work (which, if either, or both, I'm not qualified to say since I was nowher
e near                                                                         
the people during the time the awards were made).  Just very strange overall.  

AEdric the Grene                                                               

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