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Re: a new idea

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>


I was involved once with a petition.  I won't sign another one after
this instance.

We all went to war, one year, and there began to circulate a letter of
recommendation for two people to recieve their AoA's.  The problem was,
there was plenty of room for people to sign on and agree with it.  When
it was presented to the Royals, we were very proud that so many had
agreed with it and signed their names.

To my dismay, after the two were awarded their arms, I discovered in
conversation with the then King, that he and his queen had felt they
were strongarmed into this award, though it was obviously well
deserved.  Our letter of recommendation(which was really our intent) was
regarded as a petition with all the wonderful things that go with
petitions(ie. retaliation if not conformed to).  I felt terrible that it
was taken that way, but what would you expect Royals to do when 50+
people from all ranks say they want these people noblized at the war.

Like Logan said, validate your recommendation with elbow grease, spit,
and a thrity-two cent offering to the postal gawds.

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