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emailing recommendations

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

Apologies if you see this twice but the first time I tried to send
it I received "Undeliverable" error messages.

I'd like to revisit the concept of emailing recommendations.
I noticed Duke Logan felt very strongly against the idea however
this is the first I've ever heard a Crown complain about emailed
recommendations.  I must say that since my handwriting sucks
and I'll be typing them anyway I generally go one step further
to email them instead of snail mail them.  I also know that
since there is a LOT of email to Crowns that I generally
put in my subject heading something like "Recommendation
#1 - possible idea for Siege" etc etc.

I also am careful to make separate mailings for each recommendation,
Is this still a problem?  I have never been told
that this was the lazy method of recommendations.  Is this a 
common feeling between former/current Crowns?  I'm happy
to spend the .32 but since the email is there why not use it?
Obviously as Logan mentioned a Crown gets many messages/day
but I was thinking that clarifying in the subject heading was helping.
Is it not?


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