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Re: a new idea

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

This is not the sort of thing I'm talking about, however.  THIS is 
completely different.  I would EXPECT royalty to feel a little
strong-armed when 50 people step up and present such a petition at War. 
I'm talking about a petition which is then sent in.  Frankly, I'd find
that a little less daunting than 50 separate letters.  I would NEVER
present a petition like that and put royalty on the spot.  In the mail,
however, it's a different thing.  They don't have anyone staring them in
the face for one thing.  And a petition in friendly, flowery period
terms would be fun.  After all, the royalty can still say no.


> I was involved once with a petition.  I won't sign another one after
> this instance.
> We all went to war, one year, and there began to circulate a letter of
> recommendation for two people to recieve their AoA's.  The problem was,
> there was plenty of room for people to sign on and agree with it.  When
> it was presented to the Royals, we were very proud that so many had
> agreed with it and signed their names.
> To my dismay, after the two were awarded their arms, I discovered in
> conversation with the then King, that he and his queen had felt they
> were strongarmed into this award, though it was obviously well
> deserved.  Our letter of recommendation(which was really our intent) was
> regarded as a petition with all the wonderful things that go with
> petitions(ie. retaliation if not conformed to).  I felt terrible that it
> was taken that way, but what would you expect Royals to do when 50+
> people from all ranks say they want these people noblized at the war.
> Like Logan said, validate your recommendation with elbow grease, spit,
> and a thrity-two cent offering to the postal gawds.
> Falcone
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