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Re: Offer of Aid concerning the Awards on Line idea

Poster: Josh <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

>On the downside, people who are not email connected might feel left out
>and letters from that portion of the populace could dwindle. I would
>further suggest that such an awards form be published each month in the
>Acorn as well. That might even increase the number of recommendations
>coming in.
>In service,

Your Excellency,
Having a form for awards will depersonalized the award system. I feel if you
can't write a letter explaining why a person deserves a certain award you
should not be making award recommendations. Also the more times you give an
award out the more worthless that award gets. Creating such a form would
lead to more awards, which in my opinion is a bad thing. By the current
recommendation system people who really deserve awards will get them, and
also they are the ones who truely have made a difference in the society
because someone has noticed their deeds, and took the time to write a letter. 
Tristan ap Syrddin of Ellesmere 
O.K.A. Myrddin of Marinus(yes I will be watching the merlin movie:)

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