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Re: Offer of Aid concerning the Awards on Line idea

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Tristan/Myrddin wrote:
> Having a form for awards will depersonalized the award system. I feel if you
> can't write a letter explaining why a person deserves a certain award you
> should not be making award recommendations. Also the more times you give an
> award out the more worthless that award gets. Creating such a form would
> lead to more awards, which in my opinion is a bad thing. By the current
> recommendation system people who really deserve awards will get them, and
> also they are the ones who truely have made a difference in the society
> because someone has noticed their deeds, and took the time to write a letter.


I agree that a letter of explanation should be sent and that said letter
should contain sufficient citations as to why this or that person deserves
the award. However, having gone out to Northshield's web site and seen the
online form, there is sufficient room to write the aforementioned letter.
Also, a form does not preclude writing an additional letter that may be
larger in scope than a form allows room for. I agree with His Grace Logan
that one should be willing to step up and say exactly why a person should
receive this award, and I agree with you that a mere form with check boxes
would not allow this.

To that end:

Duke Logan,

I have seen the Northshield form and as soon as I rebuild my computer (don't
ask <muttergrumbleWin95BillGatesmotherlessswine>) I will draft a similar
document and send this to TRMs and Rabah. Until then I remain,

In service,

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