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Arthur, was Re: Excalibur and Eogan's apologizes

Poster: "Erica Stark" <ejstark@hotmail.com>

Heather Swann <heather@pop.net> wrote:
>Aside from all these reasons, belief and interest in the Arthurian 
>and the Victorian  interpretations of the days of Knights and Ladies,
>Kings and Queens, and so forth are a big part of what got the SCA off
>the ground.  That's why we speak of it as the Dream and not the Study
>Hour....not to say we don't do research, etc., but we do also dream
>about it....

My dream was always Malory, NOT Tennyson, not Pyle, and certainly not 
that Sir Walter Scott person.  Aside from Le Morte de Arthur being far 
more fun to read than The Idyls of the King (which I always thought of 
as 'The Idle King", Malory wrote within our period.  The Victorians did 
not invent idealism.

Ahem, where was I... oh, yes, the original post.  I think it was simply 
meant to get the ball rolling on the discussion of Arthurania, and how 
it relates to the Society, and the game we play therein- a complex 
relationship, indeed.  Diiferent versions of the Matter of Britain 
circulate though most of our period.  What's your favorite?

Erica Poitevins
(a lady in attendance on Eleanor of Aquitaine)

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